Li Keqiang joined the discussion of the Henan delegation
    It was reported by Henan Daily on March 10, 2013 that on the morning of March 9 Li Keqiang, CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee Member and Vice Premier of the State Council, joined the Henan delegation of the 1st session of the 12th NPC and discussed with the representatives about the government work report and the work report of the NPC Standing Committee. It was hosted by Lu Zhangong, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Head of the Henan Delegation. The representatives, such as Guo Gengmao, Wan Long, Ma Yi, Ling Jiefang, Hu Baosen, Li Guangyu and Zhang Xiaoyang and so on, made a speed one after another; and Li Keqiang carefully listened to their speech, interposed a remark from time to time and made interaction and communication with the representatives to create a warm atmosphere in the meeting place.
    When making the closing speech Premier Li Keqiang kindly said to the Group’s president Zhang Xiaoyang “Xiaoyang, your straw fiber ethanol has been industrialized in a large scale and I have seen it. Very good! You should ensure the quality and make rapid development”.

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