Henan Tianguan Group Co., Ltd., located in a famous historical cultural city – Nanyang, is the most typical and most complete existence and keeping “Red Enterprise” in China at present. It is one of the 520 Most Important National Enterprises, one of the 50 Most Important and Growth-orientated Enterprise of Henan Province, one of national designated production enterprises of fuel ethanol and one of the main enterprise of the National New Energy and High Technology Industry Base. Meanwhile, it is the unique national recycling economic pilot enterprise of biological energy industry, the unique unit where there are State Key Laboratory, State-level Enterprise Technical Center and Postdoctoral Research Stations and also China National Fuel Ethanol Technical Committee of Standardization was established. Tianguan Group has more than 6500 on-the-job staffs, its assets are 75 billion yuan, and it covers the area of more than 4300 mu. Its annual productivity, i.e. 600,000 tons of fuel ethanol and 180,000 tons of excellent eatable alcohol, is the largest in China. Besides, Tianguan Group boasts of the standard demonstration unit that can be copied sustainably and produce 10,000 tons/year of fiber ethanol and PPC fully degradable plastics that with the productivity of 5000 tons/year. Moreover, it has the engineering devices that can produce 150 million m3 of biological gas per year, which is the largest productivity in the world, and the wheat gluten production line with the productivity of 75000 tons/year. Our products involve seven categories such as bio-energy, biochemical engineering, organic chemical products, fine chemicals, industrial gas and electric power. Our main products include more than 40 kinds such as fuel ethanol, edible alcohol, wheat gluten meal, fully degradable plastics, glacial acetic acid, acetate, DDG feed, carbon dioxide bio-gas, etc, with a total amount of over 1million tons and the annual income of more than 6 billion yuan.

Tianguan Group possesses a glorious creation and development history. In the year of 1939, it is established upon the approval of Liu Shaoqi, a leader of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. During the War of Resistance against Japanese and People's War of Liberation, Tianguan had covered the underground party organization of the Communist Party of China, raised funds and provide alcohol fuel in urgent need of wars for them, and made special contribution to the liberation of the Chinese people. After the establishment of P.R.China, the company had inherited and carried forward the fine traditions of self-reliance, hard struggle, blazing new trails, advancing with time and built the “Red Factory” on the ashes of war into a leading enterprise in the alcohol industrial line step by step. In the past seventy years, Tianguan Group achieved lots of honors. The enterprise has been entitled as “National Daqing-style Enterprise” by State Council, “Model of Light Industry and Brewing Industry” by the Ministry of Light Industry, one of the “Ten Banners of Industry of Henan Province” by Henan provincial party committee and provincial government and one of the “Typical stated-owned enterprises of China” by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In 2007, the general Communist Party Secretary Hu Jintao made a personal visit to Tianguan Group, pointed out that the developmental history should be written not only in the Party's history but also in the history of the development of science and technology. That was the highest praise which the enterprise has received. In 2009 and 2010, Tianguan Group participated in the Sino-American Clean Energy Round Table Meeting on behalf of bio-energy industry of China. On Nov. 30, 2010, Tianguan Group and Shougang Group realized the strategic reorganization so as to step on a new development platform and to establish a solid foundation for faster and further development of the company.

Tianguan Group is the pioneer in the bio-energy industry of China. At the end of the last century, Tianguan Group jumped out from the limit of traditional thoughts, developed fuel ethanol successfully, took the lead in promoting the popularization of fuel ethanol in China, made distinguished contributions to promoting the substitution of energies, agricultural development and environmental improvement, and realized the historical leap from the traditional ethanol industry to the new bio-energy industry. For many years, Tianguan Group has insisted on promoting transformation in the development and pursuing development in the transformation and created the development situation with “one body and two wings” which means that the bio-energy and bio-chemical industry is deemed as the body and the comprehensive utilization and fine and further processing as two wings based on biomass resources. The science and research of Tianguan Group have covered many fields, such as biological technology, chemical technology, gene technique and nanotechnology. It has obtained 151 scientific and research accomplishments, including 22 national ones, 84 provincial ones and 23 significant patents and special techniques, and many accomplishments play a significant role at home and abroad, so that it owns leading technological advantages in the industry. Tianguan’s yeasts, Nanyang 5# and Nanyang 8# are the classical yeasts in alcohol industry, which are extensively used in China now. The diversified clean production process for the raw material of fuel ethanol, integrated with the accumulation of more than ten years of production practice and experiences of Tianguan Group, becomes the industrial model among technical processes for making ethanol. The biological gas technology of Tianguan Group, which is a national innovation patent, is concerned by the relevant department of the United Nations and listed to be the technological project worth of being promoted in the whole world. In addition, after the biological gas for cars was developed by Tianguan Group successively, new energy autos driven by natural gas have been developed and promoted rapidly. The successful research and development of biological diesel makes Tianguan Group become the unique enterprise that has three bio-energy products in China, namely fuel ethanol, biological gas and biological diesel . The comprehensive breakthrough of fiber ethanol technology, especially the successful production of pure biomass in the demonstration project about ten thousand tons of fiber ethanol industrialization, made China leap in the leading international place in the research and development of biological fuel of the second generation and laid a solid foundation for bio-energy to substitute one-time petroleum resources. The development of the new biological material PPC provided an important way to solve the trouble of “white pollution” in the world and also brought the ethanol industry to the new level of low-carbon industry. Depending on technical advantages, scientific and research advantages, policy advantages and market advantages of Tianguan Group, Tianguan brand owns the good reputation at home and aboard. Tianguan alcohol is the unique product that has the brand of “National Excellence” in its industry. Tianguan wheat gluten is the unique product identified by America and the EU and free from inspection. Such products have been exported to more than 10 countries and area in Europe and Asia and created about 10 million dollars for China.

In recent years, Tianguan Group has integrated its existing industrial technology and advanced theory according to its development situation, based on its strategy of “one body and two wings” and depending on its unique and deep understanding on the ethanol industry. Meanwhile, it took low carbon, circulation and sustainable development as its core and confirmed its strategic development planning of “bio-refinery and simultaneous development of energy and chemicals”. On the one hand, its planning is made around the refined processing and comprehensive transformation of biomass resources so as to perfect the bio-energy industrial chain by means of more-phase development of product &#118alues and the maximum utilization of resources and to form the mature system of fuel ethanol associated with biological gas, oil plants, feed, albumen powder, solid fuels and organic fertilizers. In the meantime, it is aimed at greatly developing PPC fully degradable plastics and biological ethylene and so on depending on the biological and chemical industrial chain developed by biological energies and creating the rapid development situation of “simultaneous development of energy and chemicals, two-wheel driving”. On the other hand, Tianguan Group plans to establish the organic linkage among various products and a scientific circulation routine in accordance with the recycling economic theory on energy conservation, carbon reduction and changing waste into valuables, to recycle various waste of the industrial chain and to carry out the reclamation and harmless treatment, so as to realize that the production process has no harmful materials for the environment, all products can be return to the nature in the form of CO2 and water finally, to create the recycling economic industrial chain of green, low carbon and environmental protection, and form the beneficial circulation of the sustainable development – “coming from the nature – used for the nature – returning to the nature”. Through the implementation of the planning, Tianguan Group will become the largest and the most representative comprehensive process and transformation base of biomass, the research, development and production base of bio-energy products and the demonstration base of low carbon industry and achieve the comprehensive productivity of 2.08 million tons of fuel alcohol, 300,000 tons of bio-diesel oil, 1 million tons of comprehensively-utilized product, 200,000 tons of fully degradable plastics, 500 million m3 bio-gas, 1 million tons of comprehensively-utilized product and 200,000 tons of bio-chemicals, with annual sales income of RMB 30 billion yuan and the tax and profit of RMB3.5billion. Tianguan Group will become an important new energy research, development and supply base of China and the large green ecological industry base integrating reproducible clean energy and biological hi-tech in the world in future.


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