Scientific research construction
  ·Aiming at improving productivity, Tianguan have been consistently focusing on the scientific research construction. Firstly, it reformed its inner scientific team and thus builds its new research centre.
·In 2000, Tianguan has been proved to build the first Post-Doctoral Research Center of the industry by Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China. Since the building of it, many well-known doctors have joint in, such as DR. Miu Lihong from Wuhan University, Dr. Song Andong from Henan Agricultural University, Dr. Song Huijuan from Zhongshan University, etc.
·In 2004 Tian Zhiguan Renewable Fuels Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Tianguan Corp was build in Shanghai. And is greatly helps Tianguan to learn more about the industry at home and abroad. What’s more, they have got an easier way to work with others of the region.
·In May of 2006, an Environment and New Energy Material R&D centre was built by Tianguan and Zhongshan University jointly, aiming at the research and use of some valuable sub-products of Tianguan such as Carbon dioxide.
·With the help of these centers, Tianguan was able to renew its techniques continuously, thus changing is traditional industrial mode. Thanks to these research work, Tianguan was led to a road of sustainable development.
Scientific researching team

·Tianguan has been making great efforts for improving the treatment of the technicians thus attracted a great many qualified personnel. In addition to this, some other methods such as cooperation are also applied to attract more experts to join in the research. These technicians are the power for Tianguan to go even further on the way.



·In recent years, the technological innovation of Tianguan has greatly enhanced. Thanks to this, Tianguan is a leading enterprise of the industry now. Tianguan now is the biggest agricultural integrate processing bases in China. At the mean time, it is also the Bio-fuel developing centre and the Recyclable economic Demonstration Base of China.
·In recent years, Tianguan has won great reputation of the industry. The No.5 and No.8 yeast of Nanyang, which was born in Tianguan, is widely used in the fermentation of alcohol industry at home; the clean alcohol production techniques created by Tianguan sets a good sample for other producers; Tianguan is also the first one to produce ethanol for fuel. Due to these contributions, The Alcohol Branch of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Associaition decided to make Tianguan the editorial office of its magazine Alcohol.


·In recent years, Tianguan won great many prizes for its innovation of the region, such as the Green Management Leaded by Clean Production, The biogas production with bio-power, the clean alcohol production techniques, and so on. Thanks to these achievements, Tianguan has successfully transformed its 200,000 ton/year ethanol producing line and build the 300,000 ton/year ethanol producing line, thus becoming one of the four fuel ethanol supplier in China.

Intellectual property

  Through the efforts to pay the most attention to the science as well as pursuing the innovation, we have successfully cultured the characteristic key technology and independent intellectual property.
·In the year of 1985, we declared the patent of “the anaerobic fermentation equipment of the with bioenergy dasher”. It was the first time for us to declare this patent since the establishment of our group. Then we were authorized by National Patent Bureau in the year of 1988. This technology gained the high attention from involved department of UN and had been visited & reviewed by them several times and it had been listed as the item which has the value of being propagandized to all over the world. Also it had brought the economic benefit to the company and in the meantime, it erected a good science inmage of our company to other people.
·Since 2003, our group declared total 7 invented patent items continuously such as the item of alcohol diesel, carbon dioxide full degradation plastic, fermentation alcohol, wheat deep process and so on. Currently they are all being dealt. Besides, we also have two utility model patents and two appearance designing patents.
(b)Key technology
·Tianguan Group has more than 60 year experience of alcohol manufacturing and fuel alcohol producing technology developing, which formed our exclusive key technology. It mainly includes the follows: the technology of producing the fuel alcohol through wheat complex utilization; the technology of alcohol fermentation; the technology of biomass stuff ethanol dehydration by adsorption; the differential pressure distil technology of the both upset tower and atmospheric tower; the technology of lees methane ferment and so forth. The culturing of above key technology has strongly supported the smooth manufacturing and deploying of Tianguan fuel alcohol.
·For these years, we have established relevant standard to coincide the continue developing of new products as well as new science and technology. For instance, we participate to establish the National standard of “denatured fuel alcohol”; Preside the establishment of local standard of “present inspection method for vehicle alcohol gasoline and methanol”; besides we also have established many enterprise standartd such as alcohol, fuel alcohol, Tianguan organic manure, poly-carbonic acid inferior third fat resin, 2-tertiary amyl alcohol, 3-tertiary amyl alcohol, vale Juan powder, alcohol diesel and so on. Base on the technology in the field of fuel alcohol and vale Juan powder as well as scale advantage, National Standard Committee has already announced formally that establish the Standard Technology Committee of national denatured fuel alcohol in Tianguan Group and regard Tianguan Group as a sole enterprise to participate the establishment of the National standard for the Vale Juan powder product.

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